Data Science & ML Mentorship

data science and ML mentorship program

Do you want to become a Data scientist or an ML engineer but you just don’t know where to start? You’ve looked online and got lost in tons of content, different career paths, and roles in the industry?

And even if you find your way through this conundrum, would you be able to land a job with so much competition piling up every day, you may wonder?

I had those same questions 6 years ago. I managed to find the answers and become a professional Data Scientist and ML engineer. And I wouldn’t be here without all the feedback I got from my senior colleagues.

This is why I offer you a personalized, project-based program where you will have all the feedback you need. So you can become the Data Scientist you want to be.

It will require time, energy, and effort.

But it will definitely be worth it.

I promise.

Why Choose Me?

Because I’ve already walked the path.

  • Six years ago, I felt lost and didn’t know where to start.
  • I depended on feedback and was lucky to have great senior colleagues.
  • Thanks to their help and my persistence, I entered Toptal and landed my first freelance job.
  • Since then, I have worked for promising startups from Dubai, the USA, Spain, and France.
  • I started earning a lot more and working fewer hours.
  • I know HOW to turn your confusion into exceptionally well-paid projects.

What Do I Offer?

Not every learning path is the same. What is optimal for you depends on your background and interests. So I adapt the program to your needs. Also, there is no learning without practice and feedback. I assign you tasks and real-world projects you can later showcase to your employers.

More importantly, I review them, answer questions and give you constructive feedback. We organize Discord channel touchpoints to provide the necessary direction. When you finish the program, I write a recommendation, pointing out your completed projects’ qualities.

data science mentorship

Personalized program

We define a learning path adapted to your background and goals.

project-based learning

I assign you tasks and projects on Mondays and review them on Fridays.


I review your work and give you constructive feedback. I also answer your questions through the Discord channel of the program during the week.

data science mentorship

written recommendation

At the end of the program, I write you a recommendation based on your skills and completed projects.

Main topics

These are the topics you need to cover if you wanna become a professional data scientist.

  • SQL: There is no data scientist without data. And to query and extract the data for your projects you need to master SQL. Without it, you will be slow and dependent on data engineers.
  • Python: The main programming language in data science and ML, thanks to its vast ecosystem of open-source libraries.
  • Machine Learning (ML): ML is about building software from data. It is used to automate and improve operations and business decisions.
  • Cloud services: Most companies have their infrastructure on the cloud (e.g. AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure). It is important you feel comfortable working in a cloud environment and building solutions that integrate with cloud services.
  • Deep Learning libraries: If you wanna dive deep into computer vision or natural language processing, you need to understand neural networks, how to train, and how to fine-tune them.
  • Presentation and visualization: a data scientist is an “interface” between business stakeholders and data engineers. As such, you need to talk and present information in an actionable way, focusing on its business impact.

Duration and pricing

Depending on your background and experience, we adjust how much time we spend on each topic. My estimation is you will need between 3 and 6 months to work on the things you need the most, finish your projects, and feel confident enough to apply for jobs.

How to apply to the data science mentorship program?

Record a short video (1-2 minutes) to you introduce yourself or write me an email where you answer the following questions. Whatever format is easier for you.

  • What is your background? Do you come from Computer Science, Maths, History, or any other discipline?
  • Do you know Python? What about SQL?
  • Have you worked as a data scientist before?
  • Do you have any public projects you can share with me?
  • Do you have any experience building ML models?
  • What mentorship package do you want: Lite, Standard or Premium?

If you decide to make a video I suggest you use Loom, a free service to record and share videos. Send me an email at with a link to your video.

The program starts on Monday, September 12th