About me

We should all be this happy whatever we do. I guess it's the whole point of life.
Hi there! 👋
I am Pau, the one with the beard 🧔🏻, the little one is my son Kai.
I am a mathematician who loves learning new things and solving problems. And this whole new world is full of them.
But what is learning without sharing?
To me, not much 😊. Hence, datamachines.
For the last 4 years, I’ve been working as a freelancer on different Machine Learning projects, and the journey’s been inspiring.
I share what I’ve learned in a free Reinforcement learning course and I offer a paid Data Science and ML Mentorship program for all the aspiring data scientists out here.
The idea is to share what I’ve learned and give value to the community.
Thank you guys for following, it makes me very happy.
Stick around and get in touch, I am always up for new ideas and problems.